Looking for Aboakyer Festival? Find out information about Aboakyer Festival. Type of Holiday: Religious Date of Observation: First Saturday in May Where. Every May the people of the Ghanaian coastal town of Winneba celebrate their migration from Timbuktu with a traditional hunt, known as the Aboakyer festival. The Chiefs and People of Effutu Traditional Council have launched their Aboakyer festival to Mobilize funds to.

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Oral tradition [ edit ] The people of Simpa passed on this history to their descendants in the form of songs, and sang it in their war chants as well as told it during moonlit nights festivval story form.

Aboakyer Deer Hunting Festival

The deer population will probably continue to dwindle as long as people kill deer for food and those who ignore wildlife protection laws aren’t punished. Chiefs pushing for rich culture to be streamed gestival to the world Aboakyer festival: The festival is used also to receive a productive harvest and spiritual guidance from their gods for the coming year.

The element of aboakyeer here is strong as teams compete to be the first to present their prize to the elders and be declared champion. Aboakeyr of a human sacrifice to a tribal god with deer hunting What happens: It has been alleged that every year there are two clans, differentiate by Dentifo and Tuafo in their white and red colors, to go into the forest to capture a live deer and each team that wins attains the benedictions directly from the king.


The festival occurs on the first Saturday in May and the celebrations last all weekend. This is followed by a night of drumming, singing, and dancing until dawn. This festkval too high a price to pay, so the people appealed to Otu and he relented, saying that he would accept a live wildcat instead. Is your company ready? This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat Languages Deutsch Edit links.

The Aboakyer festival is a bushbuck hunting festival celebrated by the people of Winneba in the Central Region of Ghana. December 31st Watch Night Service: Save a child save a mother. The people made a second appeal to Penkyi Otu to provide an alternative to the wild cat.

Western Africa includes 4 shows Fesitval the old Slave Coast to the island This story was sang in war chants and protected until it could be inscribed in English. The Asafo are the military-style companies whom once protected the Fante people from invasion.

Aboakyer festival – Wikipedia

Visit Our Online Store. Then festibal animal is taken back to the village, where dancing and drumming continue in an effort to placate Penkye Otu so that he will bring them a bountiful year.

Over the years this has been a great tourist attraction in the month of May. Winneba, southern coast of Ghana, West Africa When: What Happens at Aboakyer?

The Asafo elders play an important role in selecting new chiefs and act as advisers after a chief has been crowned. At the time the festival was instituted, deer were plentiful in Ghana.

The hunter who captures it carries it on his shoulder and returns in triumph with his group to the royal palace. To their astonishment, the god asked for a human sacrifice, someone from the royal family. The Aboakyer festival honors the migration of the people of the Western Sudan Empire to Simpa or what is today called Winneba.


Aboakyer festival: The deer hunters of Ghana

The traditional Effutu rulers use them to enforce their authority, and the companies often play a role when conflicts fewtival between the national militia and civilians. Eunice Poku Photo credit: Click here for more photos.

Bawumia outlines achievements of Akufo-Addo government December 31, Views Read Edit View history. Search Submit Advertisement Advertisement. Chiefs pushing for rich culture to be streamed live to the world Source: On the first day of the festival, the two Asafo Companies warrior groups in Winneba take part in a hunting expedition.

Nevertheless, the Tuafo white clan regardless the effort of the red team to fuel their battle, went into the forest since last night to capture the live deer. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. July 5, 9: Sandra has been listed in Forbes 30 Under Assemblies of God Church pastor stabbed to death.

Archived from the original on 4 March Aboakyer Festival Aboakyir Type of Holiday: First Saturday in May Where Celebrated: