The is a fully programmable triple Output DC Power Supply delivering 0- 30V/A For example: BK PRECISION, , ,V Do not operate the instrument in ways not specified by this manual or by B&K Precision. Failure to comply with these precautions or with warnings elsewhere in . The is a fully programmable triple output DC Power Supply delivering. 0- 30V/A on 2 outputs and V/A on 1 output. Each output is fully floating and.

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Usually ships in 11 days. Safety Information Safety information Please review the following safety precautions before operating our equipment.

B K Precision B Series Programmable Triple Output DC Power Supplies from Davis Instruments

In addition, control with front-panel emulation, execute test sequences, and log measurements using a PC and the software application—no need to write source code. Davis eNewsletter Special offers, tech articles, and more! Vibration – Kb Detection. The return value contains 4 segments divided by a comma.

General information The following safety precautions should be observed before using this product and any associated instrumentations. Menu Function Over Temp 4. Chart Description Time 1 Power mode: Check for any missing display segments. Model Fuse Description Fuse 3. V-set V-set Set nk voltage value This application software supports all the functionality available through the front panel. Exit Menu Power Model: ERRor This command is used to obtain error information from the power supply.


Also See for Instruction manual – 51 pages. Page 21 Prevision diagram example: Safety information Please review the following safety precautions before operating our equipment. Humidity – Moisture – Hydrometer.

PV Software Guide 6. Enter scroll through the complete menu listed below. Save My Shopping List. This command queries the time of the output-timer for the current channel. Page 46 [left intentionally blank] These registers are status byte register, standard event register, quest condition register and operation status register.

Filters, Mixers, and Tanks. Welcome, log in or register. After this command executed, the operation condition is reset.

BK Precision 913XX Power Supply

The digital display shows voltage and current settings for each channel simultaneously while providing high programming and feedback resolution of 1 mV or 0. The power supply will be calibrated only if the calibration protection is disabled and other commands are disabled, either.

DC Power Supply Output voltage: Clearly state in writing the performance problem and return any leads, probes, connectors and accessories that you are using with the device. Page 16 Enter prscision through the complete menu listed below.


Phys D – Force – Thickness.

BK Precision 9130 Triple Output Programmable DC Power Supply

Page 29 The Structure of the condition register is as followed: Return the product in the original packaging to the address below. Adjust each output independently or combine in series or prrecision to obtain higher output and currents. Time 1 Power mode: Save My Shopping List You can view your shopping list or continue shopping.

Scpi Command Overview 5. Pumps, Motors and Compressors. If Communication waiting appears in the status bar for more than 10 seconds, you need to check your configuration and connection between computer and power supply. Water Quality – Analytical.