Learn how to send plain text and html emails with ColdFusion in this Free Open Source training course For sending emails ColdFusion provides the cfmail tag. cfmail to = “recipient” from = “sender” cc = “copy_to” bcc = “blind_copy_to” Added several configuration options to the ColdFusion MX Administrator Mail. The problem with this is that you can use ColdFusion’s CFMail tag to send to multiple recipients by using a comma-delimited list of email.

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An e-mail message is sent for each returned row. Send basic email message.

Path of the on-disk or in-memory file to attach to message. Another option is to use the mail server of Gmail a Gmail account is required for this. If you use the cfmail tag to send a message with an attachment with cfmaip enabled and you use the cffile tag to delete the attachment file, ColdFusion might not send the mail because the mailing process might execute after the file was deleted.

When this happens, the mail log includes a FileNotFound exception and the e-mail is not sent. ColdFusion ckldfusion not try to connect to a server that was unavailable in the last 60 seconds.

If you specify multiple mail servers in ColdFusion MX Standard, the cfmail tag uses only the first server in the specification.

With his own company, Orange Coldfusiohe delivers web solutions sites, applications and consultancy to various inter national clients. Sends a mail message to the specified address.

Number of seconds to wait before timing out connection to SMTP server. A user name to send to SMTP servers that require authentication. Requires a password coldfusuon. Mail Mail By Guust Nieuwenhuis. Overwrite Default Mail Server Settings Sometimes you may want to use a different mail server than the one set up in the ColdFusion Administrator, or perhaps you don’t have access to the ColdFusion Administrator.


The message priority level. Use this dfmail to send more than one message, or to send query results within a message. To group on case-sensitive records, set this attribute to Yes. In case the mail server requires authentication, you will need to provide a username and password as well.

Mail | Learn CF in a Week

This list is then sent, with an appropriate header and footer, to the marketing department:. Sets the mail envelope reverse-path value. The settings for this mail server can be found at the end of this section. Coldfussion text within the CFOUTPUT is repeated for each row in the “ProductRequests” query, while the text above and below it serve as the header and footer respectively for the mail message.

Through the optional type attribute, you can indicate what the MIME media type of the attachment is; with the optional disposition attribute, you can indicate if you want the coldfuzion to be presented inline “inline” or as an attachment “attachment”:. A user name to send to SMTP servers that require authentication.

Samples uses of CFMAIL

If you want the email to be sent to multiple people at once, you can specify all email addresses as a comma-separated list in the to attribute:. If it is not specified, the first entry in the keystore is chosen as the alias. A common value for this attribute is Message recipient email addresses. Send basic email message overriding default SMTP server. Name of a query column that contains an address, for example, ” EMail “. In the following example, a query “CFBetaTesters” is run to retrieve a list of people who are beta testing ColdFusion.


Mail messages can be single or multipart.

Samples uses of CFMAIL

Specifies the maximum line length, in characters of the mail text. If set to true, all messages that you send will have digital signature. In you prefer to writing in script over tags, you can use cfscript to send emails.

Email sent by ColdFusion ” ; email. Once you have verified, then you should be able to use any of those accounts as an authorized sender, via your master account. For each server, you can optionally specify a user name, password, and port.

Script syntax using new mail. In order to accomplish this, you need to establish any other “from” account you plan to use within your application as an alternate address within Google Mail.

The encryption algorithm to use. I am using a shared ColdFusion host Crystaltech but am using Google domain mail for my email needs. For example, to send messages that give customers status updates: Sometimes you may want to use a different mail server than the one set up in the ColdFusion Administrator, or perhaps you don’t have access to the ColdFusion Administrator.

Coldfuskon type of the message. The cfmailparam and cfmailpart tags can only be used in the cfmail tag body. Saves a copy of the message until the sending operation is complete. If a line has more than the specified number of characters, replaces the last white space character, such as a tab or space, preceding the specified position with a line break.