JIS D Mirrors for automobiles (FOREIGN STANDARD). standard by Japanese Industrial Standard / Japanese Standards. JIS D Mirrors for automobiles (FOREIGN STANDARD. JIS D Mirrors for automobiles (FOREIGN STANDARD). Available for Subscriptions. Content Provider Japanese Industrial Standards [JIS].

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Sectional specification-Surface mount fixed tantalum electrolytic capacitors with manganese dioxide solid electrolyte Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment- Part Profile Method; Surfaces having stratified functional properties – Part 3: Constancy tests – X-ray equipment for mammography Radiotherapy simulators – Functional performance characteristics Protective Rubber Gloves for Radioactive Contamination Film Cassettes for Medical Radiography Test method of filter media for dust collection Part 1: General Rule – Section 1: Climatic tests – Test 11c: Particular requirements for safety – Lighting chains C Luminaires – Part 3: Expression of the specification The design calculating formulas and the procedures of decision of specifications for flat springs Wire ropes-Grips for rope or wire strand Tapered end mills Tapered end mills for trapeziform runner with parallel shanks Amendment 1 Screw Slotting Cutters Amendment 1 Involute gear milling cutters Amendment 1 Milling Cutters – Counterbores for Hexagon Socket Head Bolts Amendment 1 Keyway Broaches Amendment 1 Involute Spline Broaches Amendment 1 Straight bevel gear generating cutters Type G Amendment 1 Pinion type cutters Amendment 1 Thread rolling cylindrical dies Amendment 1 Thread rolling flat dies Amendment 1 Socket wrenches – Evaluation of Degradation of Paint Coatings – Section 3: Examination and preparation of samples for testing Testing Methods for Paints – Part 1: Basic Symbols Plain bearings – Symbols – part 2: Profile Method; Surfaces having stratified functional properties – Part 1: Orthophosphate and total phosphorus Testing methods for water quality by flow analysis-Part 5: General requirements for safety-Electromagnetic compatibility-Requirements and tests T Medical electrical equipment-Part 1: Classification of groups of environmental parameters and their severities-Section 1: Water Environmental testing – Part 2: Basic methods for the determination of the trueness of a standard measurement method Accuracy Trueness and Precision of Measurement Methods and Results – Part 6: Film Formability – Section 6: Ball valve for industry Cranes – Limiting and indicating devices – Part 3: Principles and specifications for machinery manufacturers Safety of machinery – Reduction of risks to health from hazardous substances emitted by machinery – Part 2: Guidance on the selection and use of test methods Classification of environmental conditions – Part 2: Selected sizes for screws, bolts and nuts ISO general purpose metric screw threads – Part 4: General measuring instrument C Var-hour meters-Part 2: Definitions and allowable values of deviations relevant to corresponding flanks of the gear teeth and radical composite deviations of injection molding plastic gears Accuracy for Bevel Gears Leaf Chains Bronze Gate, Globe, Angle and Check Valves Edition 1; Errata April Retaining Rings-C Type Test conditions for testing the accuracy of boring and milling machines with horizontal spindle – Part 1: Vibration, broadband random and guidance C Fire hazard testing- Part Methods of measurement of density, resistivity and stacking factor of electrical strip and sheet C Winding wires-Test methods-Part 1: Dimensions – Face-to-face dimensions for flanged, two-way, globe-type, straight pattern and centre-to-face dimensions for flanged, two-way, globe-type, angle pattern control valves Industrial-process control valves – Part Determination of pellet size distribution Rubber, Vulcanized or thermoplastic – Determination of adhesion test – Part 3: Pensky-Martens closed cup method Determination of flash point – Part 4: Shipping Delivery Order tracking Returns.


Solar radiation and temperature Classification of environmental conditions – Part 3: Heatfusion Fittings Unsintered Polytetrafluoroethylene Tapes for Thread Sealing Testing Method for interlaminar shear strength of carbon fibre reinforced plastic by double-notch specimen Rigid cellular plastics – Determination of water vapour transmission properties Plastics – Epoxy resins – Determination of chlorine content – Part 1: Particular requirements for stationary cooking ranges, hobs, ovens and similar appliances Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Part Taps B Threading tools – Vocabulary Part 2: Blank detail specification – Fixed metallized polyphenylene sulfide film dielectric surface mount d.

Damp heat, steady state Fire hazard testing – Glow-wire apparatus and common test procedure Fire hazard testing – Glow-wire flammability test method for end-products Fire hazard testing – Part Definitions d5750 miniature fuses and general requirements for miniature fuse-links C Miniature fuses-Part 4: Shipbuilding and marine structures Heat-Insulating material boards Determination of the emission of formaldehyde for building materials and building related products – Large chamber method Inspection Standard of Elevator, Escalator and Dumbwaiter Melt-solidified slag aggregate for concrete derived from municipal solid waste and sewage sludge Melt-solidified slag material for road construction derived from municipal solid waste and sewage sludge Fiberglass reinforced plastic mortar pipes Amendment 1 Gypsum Plasters Earth-moving machinery – Operator enclosure environment – Part 5: Contact resistance – Millivolt level method Connectors for electronic equipment – Tests and measurements – Part Damp heat, cyclic Connectors for electronic equipment – Tests and measurements – Part Dimensions – Face-to-face dimensions for rotary control valves except butterfly valves Industrial-process control valves – Part Particular requirements – Mains socket-outlet mounted nightlights C Luminaires – Part Particular requirements for the safety of electric potential equipment “Hospital Grade” Outlet- Sockets and Plugs Washer sterilizers for medical use Protective clothing – Protection against liquid chemicals – Test method for resistance of materials to penetration by liquids Protective clothing – Protection against liquid chemicals – Measurement of repellency, retention, d705 penetration of liquid pesticide formulations through protective clothing materials Protective clothing for use against solid particulates – Part 2: Guide Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic – Determination of abrasion resistance – Part 2: Performance testing methods and environment testing methods C AMD 2 Solar simulators for crystalline solar cells and modules Amendment 2 C Design guide on structures for photovoltaic array C Structural design and installation for residential photovoltaic array roof mount type C Test procedure f5705 islanding detection measures for utility-interconnected photovoltaic inverters C AMD 3 Electric storage tank water heaters Amendment 3 C General Rule for Resistance Welding Machines C Environmentally conscious design for electrical and electronic products C Environmental testing- Part Housing dimensions js sizes O-rings – Part 3: Blank detail specification – Fixed aluminium electrolytic capacitors with non-solid electrolyte-Assessment level EZ Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment – Part Tests – Test Ke: Terms and commercial specifications A Concrete mixers – Part 2: Cold Environmental testing- Part Wrought cobalt-chromium-nickel-molybdenum-iron alloy Iron based alloys for surgical implant applications – Part 1: Particular requirements for safety – Section Basic calculation methods on helical compression and extension springs Coil springs – Part 2: Classification of group of environmental parameters and their severities Section 2: